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  • Graphite die-formed rings are made from high purity expanded graphite foil,have outstanding chemical resistance and are unaffected by the majority of the chemical media within the industry.

  • Tightly woven by the high quality synthetic fiber and nano-graphite impregnated with lubricant, blocking agent, lining nickel cadmium metal wire. Has excellent resistance to high temperature and high pressure resistance and good chemical resistance.

  • CGFO packing is made by import style high quality graphite PTFE yarn. Double layers of graphite expanded PTFE with graphite sandwich. It has very low friction and good thermal conductivity of graphite, it almost suits for most of chemical medial.

  • Graphite PTFE filament packing of high strength graphite yarn, impregnated with PTFE dispersion and graphite powder to increase density and sealing efficiency. Braided by high strength PTFE filament LENMENS yarn with graphite impregnation. The characteristics are similar to "CGFO".

  • Pure Graphite PTFE Packing with Oil made of 100% graphite PTFE yarn. And re-impregnated with a silicone lubricant. It is a economical graphite PTFE packing.

  • Pure graphite PTFE packing is a specially engineered yarn combining graphite and PTFE. As both PTFE and graphite are excellent sealing materials, this gives GPTFE packing great sealing properties that other products can not offer.